08 May 2007

Humanitarian Law Guide

The second English edition of the Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law, by F. Bouchet-Saulnier, was published in February 2007. Using an alphabetically organized dictionary format, the guide provides introductions to and definitions of key concepts in humanitarian law.

Book reviews of the first edition of the Guide (2002) can be found online at:

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance, Internet archive version [html text]

Melbourne Journal of International Law, vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 2003) [html text] [pdf text]

These reviews refer to two other useful texts that focus on humanitarian law:

- Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know, by R. Gutman and D. Rieff [access]
- The Handbook of Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts, by D. Fleck (second edition to be published by OUP in 2008) [info.]

For more comprehensive information on international humanitarian law, explore the following web sites:

International Humanitarian Law (International Committee of the Red Cross)

International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative (Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research)
- Free registration required.

Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions (Society of Professional Journalists)

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