04 May 2009

Publications: ECRE Comments, Employing Refugees, EU Asylum Policy, Mental Health, Natural Disasters, Palestinian Refugees

Comments on the proposals to recast the Dublin Regulation and the Reception Conditions Directive and to establish a EASO (ECRE, April 2009) [text]

Employing Refugees - A guide for employers: documents providing evidence of entitlement to work (Refugee Council & Equality and Human Rights Commission, March 2009) [text]

Forecasting the numbers of people affected annually by natural disasters up to 2015 (Oxfam, April 2009) [text via PreventionWeb]

"Group Helps Refugees Overcome Dislocation Sequelae," Psychiatric News, vol. 44, no. 9 (May 2009) [text]

Migration as Foreign Policy? The External Dimension of EU Action on Migration and Asylum (Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, April 2009) [text]

Palestinian Refugees: The Regional Perspective (Chatham House, April 2009) [text]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elisa,

just wnated to let you know that ECRE published a memorandum to the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council to urge Member States to take this timely opportunity to work towards fairer and more efficient asylum systems as well as to safeguard fundamental principles and freedoms that underpin the European Union. http://www.ecre.org/resources/ECRE_actions/1353 This relates especially to the recent developments in Libya. http://www.ecre.org/topics/access_to_europe/pushbacks_to_libya