11 June 2009

Blogs: Early Warning, Environmental Migrants, Humanitarian Aid, News, Refugee Resettlement, Trafficking

A round-up of various blogs that I've come across recently, some new-ish, some not:

The Broker: Thea Hilhorst [access]
- "[P]professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction at Wageningen University...will update her blog for The Broker focusing on thoughts, dilemmas and inspirations that she faces in her work."

Conflict Early Warning [access]
- "[B]log on the theory and practice of conflict early warning and response."

Hatnews [access]
- News service that "reports on immigration, refugee and asylum seeker issues."

The International Eye [access]
- Posts news articles relating to asylum and immigration issues in Europe.

Opinio Juris - "Virginia Journal of International Law, Vol. 49-4: Online Symposium" [access]
- Follow an online discussion relating to a journal article entitled "Human Rights and Human Trafficking: Quagmire or Firm Ground? A Response to James Hathaway."

Refugee Resettlement Reform [access]
- Aim is to find "creative, pro-refugee ways to meet the challenges of refugee resettlement in the United States."

Refugiati...in Europa [access]
- Posts news reports relating to the status of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe.

Towards Recognition [access]
- Mission is to raise awareness and work towards international recognition of the environmentally displaced.

Witchcraft, Displacement and Human Rights Network [access]
- "[I]nformal network where information about new developments, research and news related to witchcraft can be shared."

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Kartemquin said...

Hi! We at Kartemquin are trying to spread the word about the PBS broadcast of our film, The New Americans, which chronicles the struggles and experiences of immigrant families from the around world as they adjust to their new lives in the U.S. We would love any help we can get from bloggers like yourself in getting the word out to those concerned with the issues facing immigrants in the world today. Feel free to visit our website: www.kartemquin.com. Thanks!


Jenna said...

Great blog! Please post more info and links about environmental refugees if you can. There is a definite need of increased awareness and information

Climate Refugee Advocacy Forum said...

Hi Jenna, if you're interested in learning more about environmental refugees, I would suggest visiting our site, The Climate Refugee Advocacy Forum, which deals exclusively with this issue. http://climate-refugees.blogspot.com/

Thank you! Kayly

NormB said...

Thanks for this site. Doreen Indra and I are anthropologists who have just started a website aimed at the ethnographic and photographic portrayal of riverbank erosion and displacement in Bangladesh using fieldwork data. The site is www.livingwiththejamuna.com. Those concerned with environmentally forced migrants might find it of interest.


Norman Buchignani