12 June 2010

Publications: Human Trafficking & ECHR, Quality of Legal Advice, Migrant Smuggling, Refugee Law/Ireland, UNHCR & Natural Disasters

Earth, wind and fire: A review of UNHCR's role in recent natural disasters, PDES/2010/06 (UNHCR, June 2010) [text]

Human Trafficking Violates Anti-Slavery Provision: Introductory Note to Rantsev v. Cyprus and Russia - European Court of Human Rights, Vermont Law School Research Paper No. 10-36 (SSRN, 2010) [text]

Irregular Migration, Migrant Smuggling and Human Rights: Towards Coherence (International Council on Human Rights Policy, 2010) [text]

Review of quality issues in legal advice: measuring and costing quality in asylum work (ICAR & RMJ, March 2010) [text]

"Speaking Across Borders: The Limits and Potential of Transnational Dialogue on Refugee Law in Ireland," Chapter in Transnational Judicial Dialogue in Refugee Law (Cambridge University Press, 2010) [text via SSRN]

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