05 January 2012

Focus on Health Issues

Family Planning in Malakal, South Sudan: Results of a Community-based Pilot Project (American Refugee Committee, Women's Refugee Commission & Centers for Disease Control, Dec. 2011) [text]

Refocusing Family Planning in Refugee Settings: Findings and Recommendations from a Multi-­‐Country Baseline Study (UNHCR & Women's Refugee Commission, Nov. 2011) [text]
- Note: Baseline studies conducted for this report are available via the Women's Refugee Commission's "reproductive health" section. Countries included Djibouti, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia and Uganda.

Towards Improving Forced Migrant Access to Health and Psychosocial Rights in Urban South Africa: A Focus on Johannesburg, Migration Issue Brief, no. 8 (African Centre for Migration & Society, Nov. 2011) [text]

UNHCR Operational Guidance on the Use of Special Nutritional Products to Reduce Micronutrient Deficiencies and Malnutrition in Refugee Populations (UNHCR, 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

UNHCR's Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies: Policy and Guidance 2011 (UNHCR, Dec. 2011) [text]
- Note: "It is anticipated that UNHCR’s Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies Policy and Guidance will remain valid until 2020, with exception of the essential medicines and medical supplies lists that will be updated biennially, with the first update in 2013." A companion to this policy, "Practical Manual on Medicine Management," will be issued soon.

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