03 January 2012

More Books to Read...

I ended 2011 with a few book recommendations (see here and here). And I'll begin 2012 with a few more:

First, a reader recommended this title in the comments section of the blog:

Lamey, Andy. Frontier Justice: The Global Refugee Crisis and What to Do About It (Doubleday Canada, 2011) [publisher info] [Facebook page]
- This book was written "to counter some of the misconceptions about refugees that commonly appear in the media. It draws on interviews with prominent members of the refugee NGO community and proposes a new framework of refugee rights. The book examines contemporary refugee controversies in Europe, North America and Australia, with an extensive discussion of refugee issues in Canada."

And second, this time on the subject of climate change, the latest issue of the European Journal of International Law has a review of Jane McAdam's Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Hart Publishing, 2010). And I was given Gregory White's Climate Change and Migration: Security and Borders in a Warming World (OUP, 2011) as a gift, although I haven't read it yet!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to receive a recommendation from this important blog. Thanks.

--Andy Lamey, author, "Frontier Justice."

Charles Rogers said...

It's great to see a recommendation to such a stimulating and vital book. Andy Lamey's "Frontier Justice" is a really important read when it comes to raising awareness of the refugee crisis.

This is a humanitarian issue on a grand, global scale and there are so many who don't realize the real causes and implications of this problem. A smart yet accessible book, it is a definite must-read for 2012!