20 November 2014

Regional Focus: Americas, incl. Central American Unaccompanied Minors

"Asylum: Immigration Clinic Aids Ex-Gang Member Seeking Hope - Caught in the Crossfire," Maryland Carey Law Magazine, vol. 2014, no. 1 (2014) [full-text]

Declaration by Academia within the Framework of Cartagena +30: "Declaration on the Integral Protection of Refugees and Other Forced Migrants and for the Construction of an Effective Humanitarian Space," São Paulo, 31 Oct. 2014 [text]

DHS Announces Temporary Protected Status Designations for Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone (U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Nov. 2014) [text]

"From Violence to More Violence in Central America," Forced Migration Review, no. 48 (Nov. 2014) [open access]

"Public Policy to Address Displacement in Mexico," Forced Migration Review, no. 48 (Nov. 2014) [open access]

Supreme Court of Canada: Article 1F(b) Excludes Individuals Who are not Fugitives from Justice (RefLaw, Nov. 2014) [text]

Unprotected, Unrecognized: Canadian Immigration Policy and Violence against Women, 2008-2013 (Migrant Mothers Project, Nov. 2014) [text]

Unaccompanied minors:

Actualizacion: Diagnóstico NacionaI sobre la Situación de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes Migrantes No Acompañados en el Proceso Migratorio (UNICEF, March 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Arrancados de Raíz: Causas que Originan el Desplazamiento Transfronterizo de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes No Acompañados y Separados de Centroamérica y su Necesidad de Protección Internacional (ACNUR, Nov. 2014) [text]
- See also related news story and Q&A.

In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Minors in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with Parents Lawfully Present in the United States (U.S. Dept. of State, Nov. 2014) [text]
- See also related UpFront Blog post.

New Resources to Protect Honduran Children (Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, Nov. 2014) [text]

Unaccompanied Migrant Children from Central America: Context, Causes, and Responses, CLALS Working Paper Series, no. 7 (Center for Latin American & Latino Studies, Nov. 2014) [text via SSRN]

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