08 August 2015

Regional Focus: Americas

Asylum and EAD Delays – An Update from the Ombudsman (The Asylumist Blog, July 2015) [text]

Gender-based Violence Prevention & Response: Opportunities & Challenges for Serving Urban Refugees in Ecuador (Women's Refugee Commission & Asylum Access, July 2015) [text]

"The Importance of Nonphysical Harm: Psychological Harm and Violations of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in U.S. Asylum Law," Immigration Briefings, no. 14-09 (Sept. 2014) [full-text via SSRN]

"It's a Suicide Act to Leave or Stay": Internal Displacement in El Salvador (Refugees International, July 2015) [text]

A Statistical Look at the Arlington Asylum Office (July & Aug. 2015) [post 1] [post 2]
- Analyses of the asylum cases filed by the author of this blog and his associate at the Arlington, Virginia Asylum Office.

U.S. and Mexico Teaming Up to Turn Away Central American Refugees (ImmigrationProf Blog, Aug. 2015) [text]

"Violations to the Principle of Non-Refoulement under the Asylum Policy of the United States," Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional, vol. 15, no. 1 (2015) [open access]

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