05 August 2015

Thematic Focus: Law/Policy Items

Beyond Asylum: Adapting the Global Protection System to Better Meet Escalating Needs, Webinar, 22 July 2015 [info]
- Follow link for video.

Beyond Non-refoulement: Status and International Human Rights Law (EDAL, July 2015) [text]
- See also related RSQ article.

Lawyers vs. Clients (The Asylumist Blog, July 2015) [text]

Note on International Protection, 63rd Meeting of the Standing Committee, 24-26 June 2015, UN Doc. No. EC/66/SC/CRP.10 [text]
- The theme of this year's note is "the rule of law and its significance for UNHCR’s work and for international protection and solutions." See also related comments from the Division of International Protection and the AHC for protection.

Oral Update on the EXCOM Conclusion, 63rd Meeting of the Standing Committee, 24-26 June 2015 [text]
- See also related UNHCR comments; for background, see this earlier blog post.

"Refugee Family Reunification Rights: A Basis in the European Court of Human Rights' Family Reunification Jurisprudence," Chicago Journal of International Law, vol. 15, no. 1 (2014) [full-text]

Regulating "Irregular" Migration: International Obligations and International Responsibilities, Keynote address at an international workshop, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Faculty of Law, 20 March 2015 [text]

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