01 May 2017

New Book Titles

Please visit my Pinterest page to learn about new books due out in May 2017. I have also included a few additional titles in the March 2017 and April 2017 book boards. Moreover, I have added a new link to Open Access Texts.

If you are not a member of Pinterest, these new titles are listed below for your reference (organized by title).

May 2017:

Dimitra Manou, Andrew Baldwin, Dug Cubie, Anja Mihr & Teresa Thorp, eds., Climate Change, Migration and Human Rights: Law and Policy Perspectives, Routledge, May 2017

Ilker Atac, Kim Rygiel & Maurice Stierl, eds., The Contentious Politics of Refugee and Migrant Protest and Solidarity Movements: Remaking Citizenship from the Margins, Routledge, May 2017

Bryan Roberts, Cecilia Menjívar & Néstor Rodríguez, eds., Deportation and Return in a Border-Restricted World: Experiences in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Springer, May 2017

Angeliki Dimitriadi, Irregular Afghan Migration to Europe: At the Margins, Looking In, Palgrave Macmillan, May 2017

Christopher Deliso, Migration, Terrorism, and the Future of a Divided Europe: A Continent Transformed, Praeger, May 2017

Aimee Hilado & Marta Lundy, Models for Practice with Immigrants and Refugees: Collaboration, Cultural Awareness, and Integrative Theory, SAGE Publishing, May 2017

April 2017:

Philippe Bourbeau, ed., Handbook on Migration and Security, Edward Elgar Publishing, April 2017

March 2017:

Christina Oelgemoller, The Evolution of Migration Management in the Global North, Routledge, March 2017

Matthew Frank, Making Minorities History: Population Transfer in Twentieth-Century Europe, Oxford Univ. Press, March 2017

Zana Vathi & Russell King, eds., Return Migration and Psychosocial Wellbeing: Discourses, Policy-Making and Outcomes for Migrants and their Families, Routledge, March 2017

Open Access:

Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska & Greta Uehling, eds., Migration and the Ukraine Crisis: A Two-Country Perspective, E-International Relations Publishing, April 2017

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