24 May 2017

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

"Business as Usual Isn't Enough: We Need a New Approach to Humanitarian Crises," The Guardian, 24 May 2017 [text]

"Energy Services for Refugees and Displaced People," Energy Strategy Reviews, vols. 13–14 (Nov. 2016) [open access]

"From Disaster to Development: A Systematic Review of Community-driven Humanitarian Logistics," Disasters, Early View, 28 April 2017 [open access]

"The Moral Sense of Humanitarian Actors: An Empirical Exploration," Disasters, Early View, 28 April 2017 [open access]

One Year on, Has the World Humanitarian Summit Deal Delivered? (ODI Blog, May 2017) [text]

The Refugee Rethink (Medium, April & May 2017) [Pt. 3] [Pt. 4] [Pt. 5]
- Part 1 and part 2 were published in March.

A Retreat from U.S. Global Leadership Will Cause Millions to Suffer (Huffington Post, May 2017) [text]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? MSF et les "Strat├ęgies de Sortie" (MSF, May 2017) [text]

Standard Terms of Reference for Humanitarian Country Teams (Inter-Agency Standing Committee, Feb. 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

UK Technocrat Appointed UN Humanitarian Chief (IRIN, May 2017) [text]

UNHCR Refugee Coordination Model: Adaptation of UNHCR’s Refugee Coordination in the Context of the Transformative Agenda (UNHCR, May 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

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