12 May 2017

Thematic Focus: ICTs & Databases

Economic Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Ten Fingers: Some Reflections on Eurodac and Border Control (Border Criminologies Blog, May 2017) [text]

Free Digital Learning Opportunities for Migrants and Refugees: An Analysis of Current Initiatives and Recommendations for Their Further Use (European Commission, 2017) [text via Rand]

From a Refugee Perspective: Discourse of Arabic Speaking and Afghan Refugees and Migrants on Social Media from March to December 2016 (UNHCR, April 2017) [text]
- See also related Social Media for Good blog post.

The Future is Here, Ahead of Schedule: Detecting Incidents of Displacement through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (IDMC Blog, May 2017) [text]

A Global Broadband Plan for Refugees (Migration Policy Institute, May 2017) [text]
- Listen also to related webinar.

ICTs in Humanitarian Response: A Learning Review of a Three-year, Five-country Programme (Oxfam, April 2017) [text]

"New App Allows User to 'Walk a Mile' in a Rohingya Refugee's Shoes," Thomson Reuters Foundation, 25 April 2017 [text]

Refugees Reunited: How Technology is Reconnecting Families Separated by War (Medium, April 2017) [text]

The Role of Big Data in Refugee Contexts (Open Migration, March 2017) [text]

*"State Dept. Seeks Tougher Visa Scrutiny, including Social Media Checks," Reuters, 4 May 2017 [text]


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