19 December 2017

Regional Focus: Europe


Panel discussion: Understanding Refugee and Migrant Journeys to Europe, London, 15 January 2018 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.


African Migration to Europe: How Can Adequate Data Help Improve Evidence-based Policymaking and Reduce Possible Misconceptions?, Data Briefing, no. 11 (GMDAC, Nov. 2017) [text]

"Afghan Refugee Journeys: Onwards Migration Decision-Making in Greece and Turkey," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Articles, 18 Dec. 2017 [free full-text]

Asylum Systems in the European Union: Towards a Supranational Policy of Protection? Case Studies of Germany and Sweden, Thesis (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 2017) [text]

"EU Pays to Stop Migrants," The World Today (Dec. 2017 & Jan. 2018) [text]

European Leaders Pursue Migration Deals with North African Countries, Sparking Concerns about Human Costs, Top 10 Migration Issues of 2017, no. 3 (Migration Information Source, Dec. 2017) [text]

France: Calais Migrants at Risk as Cold Arrives (Human Rights Watch, Dec. 2017) [text]

Greece: Dire Risks for Women Asylum Seekers (Human Rights Watch, Dec. 2017) [text]

Information Provision: Perceptions of People on the Migration Trail (Mixed Migration Platform, Dec. 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

Infringement Proceedings as a Tool for the Enforcement of Fundamental Rights in the European Union (Open Society Foundations, Oct. 2017) [text]

Italy Strikes Back Again: A Push-back's Firsthand Account (Border Criminologies Blog, Dec. 2017) [text]

Recent Migration Flows to the EU (EPRS, Dec. 2017) [text]

Refugees in Turkey Struggle as Border Walls Grow Higher: The EU-Turkey Deal on Migration, DIIS Policy Brief (Danish Inst. for International Studies, Dec. 2017) [text]

"Refugees, Migrants, Neither, Both: Categorical Fetishism and the Politics of Bounding in Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 44, no. 1 (2018) [open access]

"These Syrian Refugees Made It to Europe. But There Still Isn't an Answer to the Crisis," Time Magazine, 18 Dec. 2017 [text]

UNHCR's recommendations to Bulgaria for its Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU): A Time for Solidarity, January-June 2018 (UNHCR, Dec. 2017) [text]

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