18 December 2017

Thematic Focus: General

Today is...:

International Migrants Day, 18 December 2017 [info]
- This year's theme is "Safe Migration in a World on the Move."


Launch of Migration Data Portal, Berlin [info]
-  The Portal "brings together the key facts and figures about global migration trends in one place for the first time" and "communicates global data on migration through visualizations, infographics and videos. It simplifies the navigation through complex international migration data for policy makers, journalists, statisticians and anyone interested in migration."


"A Birth Certificate is a Person’s First Possession," The Atlantic, 10 Dec. 2017 [text]

Collecting Data on Remittances to and from Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, Policy Brief, no. 8 (KNOMAD, Oct. 2017) [text]

Forum on Refugee and Migration Policy, Roundtable 2, London, 3 Nov. 2017 [info]
- Follow link for meeting summary.

Growing Food from Mattresses: What Experts Can Learn from Working in Refugee Camps (The Conversation, Dec. 2017) [text]

Human Rights Day: A Look at the Refugee Crisis (OUP Blog, Dec. 2017) [text]

*International Migration Report 2017: Highlights (UN DESA, Dec. 2017) [text]
- See also related news release and data.

"Memorializing Mass Deaths at the Border: Two Cases from Canberra (Australia) and Lampedusa (Italy)," Ethnic and Racial Studies, Latest Articles, 15 Nov. 2017 [open access]

No Escape from Discrimination: Minorities, Indigenous Peoples and the Crisis of Displacement (Minority Rights Group, Dec. 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

*Problems and Solutions to the International Migrant Crisis (Brookings Now Blog, Dec. 2017) [text]

Top 10 Migration Issues of 2017 (Migration Information Source, Dec. 2017) [access]
- Currently, nos. 4-10 are available.

*UN Global Compact for Migration Must be Made Fit for Purpose (IRIN, Dec. 2017) [text]

*The UN Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees: A New Solution to Migration Management, or More of the Same?, SAIIA Occasional Paper, no. 273 (South African Institute of International Affairs, Nov. 2017) [text]

Whose Responsibility? Accountability for Refugee Protection and Solutions in a Whole-of-Society Approach (Danish Refugee Council, Dec. 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]


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