06 December 2017

Thematic Focus: Mental Health

"Addressing Culture and Context in Humanitarian Response: Preparing Desk Reviews to Inform Mental Health and Psychosocial Support," Conflict and Health, 11:21 (Nov. 2017) [open access]

"Addressing the Hidden Psychological Costs of Disasters and Conflicts in the Context of Forced Migration," International Association of Emergency Managers Bulletin (Aug. 2017) [full-text via SSRN]

"Expanding the Evidence: Key Priorities for Research on Mental Health Interventions for Refugees in High-income Countries," Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, First View, 16 Nov. 2017 [free full-text]

"Exploring the Relationship between Postmigratory Stressors and Mental Health for Asylum Seekers and Refused Asylum Seekers in the UK," Transcultural Psychiatry, vol. 54, nos. 5-6 (2017) [free full-text]

"Immigration-related Mental Health Disorders in Refugees 5-18 Years Old Living in Turkey," Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 13: 2813–2821 (Nov. 2017) [open access]

"'Just as Canadian as Anyone Else'? Experiences of Second-Class Citizenship and the Mental Health of Young Immigrant and Refugee Men in Canada," American Journal of Men's Health, OnlineFirst, 28 Nov. 2017 [open access]

"The Mental Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers on Manus Island," The Lancet, OnlineFirst, 27 Nov. 2017 [free full-text]
- Note: Access to the text is free but requires registration.

Refugees, Mental Health and the Work Place (Refugee Law Project Blog, Oct. 2017) [text]

"Settling Ulysses: An Adapted Research Agenda for Refugee Mental Health," International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 6 (Nov. 2017) [open access]

"Treatment of Sleep Disturbances in Trauma-affected Refugees: Study Protocol for a Randomised Controlled Trial," Trials, 18:520 (Nov. 2017) [open access]

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