15 October 2019

Open Access Round-up: 15 October 2019

Below is a listing of Open Access literature that I have referenced on this blog since 30 September 2019. If you are not familiar with Open Access, please visit my other blog for an introduction.

Green Open Access [info]

From Space to Supply Chains: A Plan for Humanitarian Data Governance (SSRN, Aug. 2019)
- Preprint version of article.
- Author based in the US.

"Technological Triage of Immigration Cases," Florida Law Review (Forthcoming)
- Preprint version of article.
- Two authors, both based in the US.

Gold Open Access [info]


"Examining the Role of Networks in Conflict-Induced Migration in Bawku," Ghana Journal of Geography, vol. 11, no. 1 (2019)
- Three authors, all based in Ghana. No APC.

"Family Separation and the Impact of Digital Technology on the Mental Health of Refugee Families in the United States: Qualitative Study," Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(9): e14171 (Sept. 2019)
- Three authors, all based in the US. APC is US$2500.

"How Much Can You Take with You? The Role of Education in Explaining Differences in the Risk of Unemployment Between Migrants and Natives," Comparative Migration Studies, 7:41 (Sept. 2019)
- Three authors, all based in Spain. APC is US$1180.

"Language Education for Forced Migrants: Governance and Approach," Languages, vol. 4, no. 3 (Sept. 2019)
- Two authors, both based in the UK. APC is 1000 CHF.

"Measuring Gender in News Representations of Refugees and Asylum Seekers," International Journal of Communication, vol. 13 (2019)
- Two authors, both based in the UK. No APC.

"Prevalence of Sexual Violence among Refugees: A Systematic Review," Revista de Saúde Pública, 53:78 (Sept. 2019)
- Six authors, based in Brazil (5) and Brazil/Canada (1). APC is 2400 BRL.

"'A proud history of protecting refugees': Ambivalent Responses to Refugee Integration in Government Policy Documents," Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines, vol. 11, no. 1 (2019)
- Author is based in the UK. No APC.

"Risky Sexual Behaviour and Contraceptive Use in Contexts of Displacement: Insights from a Cross-sectional Survey of Female Adolescent Refugees in Ghana," International Journal for Equity in Health, 18:127 (Aug. 2019)
- Four authors, based in Ghana (3) and Ghana/South Africa (1). APC is US$2680.

"Solidarity, Social Media, and the "Refugee Crisis": Engagement Beyond Affect," International Journal of Communication, vol. 13 (2019)
- Two authors, both based in the UK. No APC.

"Sport, Refugees, and Forced Migration: A Critical Review of the Literature," Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 11 Oct. 2019
- Ten authors, based in Australia (9) and Australia/Netherlands (1). APC is US$1900.

"'With every passing day I feel like a candle, melting little by little': Experiences of Long-term Displacement amongst Syrian Refugees in Shatila, Lebanon," Conflict and Health, 13:45 (Oct. 2019)
- Six authors, based in Belgium (1), Lebanon (4) and Luxembourg/South Africa (1). APC is US$2490.

- See also the twelve OA articles referenced in these two posts focusing on mental health issues: part 1 and part 2.

Journal issues:

African Human Mobility Review, vol. 5, no. 2 (May-Aug. 2019)
- Special issue on "Migration in West Africa," with five articles.

Forced Migration Review, no. 62 (Oct. 2019)
- Theme issue on "Return: Voluntary, Safe, Dignified and Durable?," with 23 articles & mini-feature on root causes of displacement with seven articles.

Migration, Mobility & Displacement, vol. 4, no. 1 (2019)
- Special issue on "Multimedia, Mobility and the Digital Southeast Asian Family’s Polymedia Experiences," with six articles.

Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees, vol. 35, no. 2 (2019)
- Special issue on "Refugee Sponsorship: Lessons Learned, Ways Forward," with nine articles.

REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, vol. 27, no. 55 (Jan./April 2019)
- Includes thematic section on "Psychosocial Perspectives on Migrants and Refugees," with nine articles. Three other general articles.

REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, vol. 27, no. 56 (May/Aug. 2019)
- Includes thematic section on "African Migrants in Latin America: (im)Mobility and Place-making," with eight articles. Four other general articles.


Geographies of Asylum in Europe and the Role of European Localities (Springer, Oct. 2019)

Hybrid Open Access [info]

"Claiming Rights in Exile: Women’s Insurgent Citizenship Practices in the Thai-Myanmar Borderlands," Citizenship Studies, Latest Articles, 12 Sept. 2019
- Author is based in Sweden. APC is US$2995.

"Closing the Gap? Gender and the Global Compacts for Migration and Refugees," International Migration, Early View, 14 Oct. 2019
- Two authors, both based in Canada. APC is US$2500.

"The Design, Construction and Maintenance of a SuDS Management Train to Address Surface Water Flows by Engaging the Community: Gawilan Refugee Camp, Ninewah Governate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Articles, 5 Oct. 2019
- Three authors, based in Iraq/UK (1) and UK (2). APC is US$3639.

"Implementing Innovative Evidence-based Perinatal Mental Health Screening for Women of Refugee Background," Women and Birth, In Press, 8 June 2019
- Seven authors, based in Australia (6) and the UK (1). APC is US$1700.

"New WHO Prevalence Estimates of Mental Disorders in Conflict Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis," The Lancet, vol. 394, no. 10194 (July 2019)
- Six authors, based in Australia (1), Australia/US (2), Switzerland (1) and the US (2). APC is US$5000.

"Political Migration Discourses on Social Media: A Comparative Perspective on Visibility and Sentiment Across Political Facebook Accounts in Europe," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Latest Articles, 4 Oct. 2019
- Four authors, all based in Austria. APC is US$3500.

"Risk of Childhood Psychiatric Disorders in Children of Refugee Parents with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder," The Lancet Public Health, vol. 4, no. 7 (July 2019)
- Five authors, all based in Denmark. APC is US$5000.

"The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Foreign Policy Decision-Making in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey," Journal of Global Security Studies, vol. 4, no. 4 (Oct. 2019)
- Author is based in the UK. APC is US$3500.

Law Reviews

"The Interior Structure of Immigration Enforcement," Univ. of Pennsylvania Law Review, vol. 167, no. 6 (2018-2019)
- Author is based in the US.

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