27 May 2020

Round-up: COVID-19

News: Coronavirus in refugee camps


"'Distancing is impossible': refugee camps race to avert coronavirus catastrophe," Nature, 24 April 2020 [text]


"15,000 Rohingya under quarantine as coronavirus cases rise," Al Jazeera, 26 May 2020 [text]

"Coronavirus in the Rohingya camps: Five key issues to watch," The New Humanitarian, 15 May 2020 [text]

The Potential Impact of COVID-19 in Refugee Camps in Bangladesh and Beyond: a modeling study (Medrxiv, May 2020) [preprint]

Public health response in Rohingya refugee settlements on alert as first coronavirus case confirmed (UNHCR, May 2020) [text]
- See also related screening guidance.


"Coronavirus cases among refugees on Lesbos spark fresh calls for evacuation," The Guardian, 14 May 2020 [text]


Coronavirus: Kenya, UNHCR strengthens measures at camps (InfoMigrants, May 2020) [text]

"Kenya's Dadaab refugee complex records first COVID-19 cases," CGTN Africa, 18 May 2020 [text]


COVID-19 in the Palestinian refugee camps (RSC Blog, May 2020) [text]

Blog posts/commentary & press:

As coronavirus spreads, refugee doctors want to join the fight (UNHCR, May 2020) [text]

"The COVID-19 response for vulnerable people in places affected by conflict and humanitarian crises," The Lancet, vol. 395, no. 10236 (May 2020) [full-text]

Joint Statement: Urgent Call to Promote and Protect the Rights of Stateless Persons in Their COVID-19 Responses (May 2020) [text]

"Low- and middle-income countries face up to COVID-19," Nature Medicine, 21 May 2020 [full-text]

#RefugeesRise: What frontline workers can show us about responding to COVID-19 (Kaldor Centre, May 2020) [text]

These refugees have built a Lego robot to fight COVID-19 (World Economic Forum Blog, May 2020) [text]

UNHCR urges prioritization of mental health support in coronavirus response (UNHCR, May 2020) [text]

WHO and UNHCR join forces to improve health services for refugees, displaced and stateless people (May 2020) [text]

Will COVID-19 change how we think about migration and migrant workers? (World Economic Forum Blog, May 2020) [text]

More COVID-19-related blog posts available via IHSA.

Reports & guidance:

Commitments into Action: A holistic and coherent response to COVID-19 across the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (IASC, May 2020) [text]

"A crisis within the crisis: The mental health situation of refugees in the world during the 2019 coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak," Psychiatry Research, vol. 288 (June 2020) [free full-text]

Crossfire and Covid-19: double crisis for displaced civilians (Norwegian Refugee Council, May 2020) [text]

Ensuring Access to Justice in the Context of COVID-19 (UNDP & UNODC, May 2020) [text via ReliefWeb]

Famine, the Coronavirus, and the Politics of Information and Analysis (Feinstein International Center, May 2020) [text]

How COVID-19 is changing the world: a statistical perspective (Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities, May 2020) [text]

Issue-Based Coalition (Europe and Central Asia) on Large Movements of People, Displacement and Resilience: Key Messages and Advocacy Points on the COVID-19 outbreak, Issue no. 1 (IOM et al.,  May 2020) [text via ReliefWeb]

Joint Guidance Note on the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Human Rights of Migrants (UNDP & OHCHR, May 2020) [text via ReliefWeb]

The New Normal: Collecting Data Amidst A Global Pandemic (JIPS, May 2020) [text via ReliefWeb]

Resource pages:

ReliefWeb Launches Regional COVID-19 Topics Pages [access]

UNHCR's Operational Portal for COVID-19 [access]

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