05 October 2009

Events: Deportation, Durable Solutions, Forced Migration, Human Trafficking, Moot Court

"What We Know and What We Need to Know," First Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 29-31 October 2009 [info]
- "The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from many disciplines, as well as government and non-governmental agencies who have responsibility for anti-trafficking efforts, to develop a research agenda."

10th Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture, "Jan Egeland - Beyond blankets: in search of political deals and durable solutions for the displaced," 18 November 2009 [info]

Deportation and the Development of Citizenship: An International Conference, Refugee Studies Centre & COMPAS, Oxford, 11-12 December 2009 [info]
- "The aim of this conference is to encourage interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship on deportation, broadly conceived as the lawful expulsion power of states, both as an immigration control and as a social control mechanism. The conference will serve as a vehicle for bringing together scholars from a range of disciplines, including politics, sociology, history, international relations, law, criminology and anthropology, interested in the study of deportation."

Journeys and Justice: Forced Migration, Seeking Asylum, and Human Rights, University of Leeds, UK, 29 January 2010 [info]
- Aim of the conference is to "trace forced journeys from insecurity and fear to safety and justice. It will examine journeys without justice or safety and it will debate solutions to the problems of forced migration. It will explore the blurred boundaries between those migrants who are forced to work in conditions akin to slavery and those who migrate because of persecution, have their asylum claims denied, and end up in utterly exploitative and/or illegal working conditions." Conference abstracts must be submitted by 30 October 2009.

Third Annual Asylum and Refugee Law National Moot Court Competition, UC Davis School of Law, 6 February 2010 [info]
- Registration is now open for this event and will continue until 25 November 2009.

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