17 October 2009

Publications: Climate Change & Conflict, Human Trafficking, Refused Asylum Seekers/UK, Water Related Migration

A brief history of climate change and conflict (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Aug. 2009) [text]

Forced inactivity and barriers to participation among refused asylum seekers, Briefing Paper no. 12 (PAFRAS, Sept. 2009) [text via ICAR]

The International Framework for Action to Implement the Trafficking in Persons Protocol (UNODC, Oct. 2009) [text]

Trafficking in Persons: Analysis on Europe (UNODC, Oct. 2009) [access]

Water Related Migration, Changing Land Use and Human Settlements (UNW-DPC, Sept. 2009) [text]

[Map credit: International Alert; HT to Humanitarian Relief]

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