13 April 2011

Publications: Alerta Report, Non-Refoulement, Palestinians & Low Infant Mortality, Resettlement FAQ, Rethinking Repatriation

Alerta 2011! (Escola de cultura de pau, April 2011) [Spanish text]

Frequently Asked Questions about Resettlement (UNHCR, April 2011) [text]

"Low Infant Mortality among Palestine Refugees Despite the Odds," Bulletin of the World Health Organization, vol. 89, no. 4 (April 2011) [open access text]

Non-Refoulement Obligations in Public International Law: Towards a New Protection Status? (SSRN, April 2011) [preprint]
- Pre-print version of a chapter accepted for publication in Satvinder Juss (ed.), Research Companion to Migration Theory and Policy, Ashgate, 2011

Refugees and IDPs after Conflict: Why They Do Not Go Home (USIP, April 2011) [text]

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