24 April 2011

Report: Review of Natural Disasters

Following on from this earlier post on "Disasters in 2010," the Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement has produced a report entitled "A Year of Living Dangerously: A Review of Natural Disasters in 2010."

Here's the blurb:
This Review provides both a general overview of natural disasters occurring last year and of the international humanitarian community’s response to them. It also delves more deeply into the two so-called mega-disasters of the year, the earthquake in Haiti and the widespread flooding in Pakistan. Finally it offers short analyses of one thematic issue—the "renters dilemma"—and explores the human rights issues around one particular type of disaster: volcanoes. We hope that this review is the first in a series of annual reports on natural disasters; future issues will explore further thematic issues and other types of disasters.
Three annexes list the Project's related publications, articles, reports, speeches, and events in 2010.

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