28 April 2011

Upcoming Deadline: UNHCR Small Grants Programme

Further to our earlier announcement (see below) applicants to the UNHCR small grants programme are strongly advised to submit their applications well before the final 31 May deadline, in view of the quantity and quality of the applications that have already been received.


UNHCR's Policy Development and Evaluation Service (PDES) invites applications to its 2011 Small Grants Programme.

The purpose of the programme is to encourage and enable original research and writing to be undertaken on refugee, displacement, migration and humanitarian issues and situations.

The maximum grant under this programme is $7,500, payable for projects that can be completed within a maximum of six months and which result in the preparation of a 20-40 page paper that can be published in the PDES working paper series 'New Issues in Refugee Research.'

Applications for sums of less than $7,500 will be prioritized in the selection process, as will those which address issues and situations that are closely related to UNHCR's mandate and operational activities. Proposals for micro-studies that are unrelated to broader policy and programme issues will generally not be funded.

To apply for a grant under this programme, please submit (1) a one-page project proposal, (2) an indicative budget, (3) a CV and (4) a writing sample, to hqpd00@unhcr.org, with 'Small grant' in the subject line. Applications that do not conform to this format will not be considered.

The application period closes on 31 May 2011.

Please apply for a grant under this programme only if you are serious about undertaking the proposed research. PDES has a limited amount of resources available for this initiative and if you are awarded a grant that is not effectively used for the stated purpose, you will be depriving other people of the opportunity to participate in the programme and will be contractually required to repay any funds advanced to you.

With best regards,

Dr. Jeff Crisp,
Head, PDES

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