28 October 2011

Asylum in Europe

Yesterday, the European Parliament (EP) approved the European Commission's proposal to recast the Qualification Directive. The amendment will "enhance the rights granted to refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in the EU...in particular regarding the duration of residence permits, access to social welfare, health care and the labour market." The new text will also "take the best interests of the child and gender-related aspects into account in the assessment of asylum applications and in the implementation of the rules on the content of international protection." For more information, see:
  • ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 28 Oct. 2011 [access]
  • EU Asylum Extended to Transgender People (LGBT Asylum News, Oct. 2011) [text]

Other Reports:

Asylum Camp Limbo: A Report about Obstacles to Deportation (Refugees Welcome, Oct. 2011) [Eng. text] [Danish text]
- Focus is on rejected asylum seekers in Denmark.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Unaccompanied Children Seeking Asylum in Ukraine, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 223 (UNHCR, Oct. 2011) [text]

Immigration Detention in the Netherlands: An Urgent Need for Change - Alternatives to Immigration Detention (Amnesty International Netherlands, Oct. 2011) [Eng. summary] [Dutch text]


Asylum - Not an EU Problem? Qualitative Analysis of the Readmission Agreements in the Asylum and Migration Policy of the European Union, Thesis submitted to Department of Global Political Studies (Malmo University, Spring 2011) [text]

The Protection of Refugees and their Right to Seek Asylum in the European Union, Thesis submitted to the Institut européen (Université de Genève, Jan. 2011) [text]

Web sites:

Asilo in Europa [access]
- New blog on European asylum law and policy; in Italian.

Observatorio Europeo para el Derecho de Asilo [access]
- An initiative by the Valsaín Foundation Studies Centre; in Spanish. Includes comments on the Spanish Asylum Law 12/2009, legal texts, case law, and a Spanish version of the ECRE Weekly Bulletin, among other things.

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