06 October 2011

Employment Resources

A reader has asked me to submit more information regarding job opportunities. While I do circulate vacancy notices every now and then (usually these are included in posts with the subject label "employment opportunities"), I can't really promote this blog as a reliable place to look for this kind of information. Happily, there are a number of other resources available that provide much more comprehensive access to job announcements than I can hope to do, so I will refer to these instead!

Forced Migration/Humanitarian:

ReliefWeb, "Jobs" [access]
- This is probably the most well-known resource in the humanitarian field for job listings. The database structure is particularly useful for narrowing down your search to specific types of jobs. You can also create a customized RSS feed to alert you to new listings.

AlertNet, "Jobs" [access]
- Also features a search mechanism to help refine your job search.

Forced Migration Discussion List [access]
- Postings with job openings usually include "Vacancy" in the subject line.

InterAction, "Job Board" [access]
- Requires registration.

Refugee Research Network, "Job Postings" [access]
- A blog-style listing of jobs; RSS feed available.

RRN New Scholars Network Google Group [access]
- View the bi-monthly newsletter for announcements.


Eldis, "Jobs" [access]
- Focus on international development.

Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies, "Job Listings" [access]

UNJobs [access]

And if anyone has recommendations for other web sites that can help with the job search, please submit a comment. Thanks!

[Photo credit: (cc) Becky McCray]

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