03 October 2011

IASFM13, after the fact

Forced Migration Online (FMO) has just posted podcasts for the plenary/keynote presentations at IASFM13, which was held in Kampala, 3-6 July 2011. Some other thoughts on/summaries of the conference and the discussions it fostered can be found in these blog posts and news reports:

Exploring Issues of Forced Migration (African Insights' Blog, July 2011) [text]

Exploring Issues of Forced Migration at the IASFM 13 Conference (JRS Eastern Africa, July 2011) [text]

Forced Migration: Rethinking 'Governance' and Justice, Pambazuka News, no. 541 (July 2011) [access via Pambazuka] [access via Makerere Univ. School of Law]
- "This special issue of Pambazuka News brings together a selection of papers and research presented at the conference, which explored key dimensions of the relationship between forms and tools of governance on the one hand and patterns and experiences of forced migration on the other."

IASFM 13 Conference (Sarah Cechvala's Blog, July 2011) [text]
- Two subsequent IASFM13 posts on this blog include "Labor Migration as a Durable Solution?" and "Changing the Focus from Refugees to Addressing Overall Poverty."

[Presentations on LGBT Issues] (Refugee Research Network) [access]
- YouTube videos of presentations at the "LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Identities, Governance, and Asylum" panel and the "Moralising Asylum: Queer Laws, Survival Sex and the Protection of LGBTIs" panel. Scroll through the menu on the right to access individual videos.

Transitional Justice: "Paradigm Shift or Hot Air?" (Justice in Conflict, July 2011) [text]

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