16 November 2011

Publications: Conflict Sensitivity, Donor Transparency, Eritrea COI, Mental Health in Detention, Somaliland Diaspora

Applying Conflict Sensitivity in Emergency Response: Current Practice and Ways Forward, Network Paper, no. 70 (Humanitarian Practice Network, Oct. 2011) [text]

A Commentary on the September 2011 Eritrea Operational Guidance Note (ARC & Still Human, Still Here, Nov. 2011) [text]

Diaspora and Peacebuilding in Post-conflict Settings: Insights from Somaliland, Global Migration Research Paper, no. 2 (Programme for the Study of Global Migration, Nov. 2011) [text]

Donors Still Far from Transparent (IRIN, Nov. 2011) [text]

Mental Health Care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Immigration Detention Centres (Mental Health Council of Australia, Nov. 2011) [text via BroCAP]

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