22 November 2011

Publications on Education, Eritreans in Egypt, LGBT Asylum, Minorities in Libya, Older People, Right to Leave, U.S. Protection

Asylum and Humanitarian Protection for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) People (Stonewall, Aug. 2011) [text]
- Updated version of guide.

Educating Refugees (IntLawGrrls, Nov. 2011) [text]
- See also this earlier post.

Egypt: Don't Deport Eritreans - Those Forcibly Returned Face Likely Persecution (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2011) [text]

The Forgotten Path to Asylum: "Other Serious Harm" (The Asylumist, Nov. 2011) [text]

Libya: Protect Vulnerable Minorities & Assist Civilians Harmed (Refugees International & CIVIC, Nov. 2011) [text]

On the Edge: Why Older People’s Needs Are Not Being Met in Humanitarian Emergencies (Age UK & HelpAge, 2011) [text via Refworld]

The Right to Leave One's Country Should be Applied without Discrimination (Human Rights Comment, Nov. 2011) [text]
- Comment re. "measures [that] have been taken by the Macedonian authorities to prevent citizens from travelling to EU countries - and seeking asylum there."

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