05 December 2012

Focus: Middle East, esp. Palestinians & Syrians

Analysis: Politics and Humanitarianism in Israel-oPt (IRIN, Nov. 2012) [text]

Assessment of the Situation of the Syrian Refugees in Kurdistan Region Iraq, MPC Research Report 2012/15 (Migration Policy Centre, 2012) [text]

The European Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis: What Next?, MPC Research Report 2012/14 (Migration Policy Centre, 2012) [text]
- *See also related blog post.

*Failing Syria's Refugees (Foreign Policy, Dec. 2012) [text]
- Includes video interview with an expert who spent a month with Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Labour Force Survey among Palestinian Refugees Living in Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon, 2011 (ILO & EU, Nov. 2012) [exec. summ. via ReliefWeb]

Out in the Cold: Syria's Children Left Unprotected (Save the Children, Dec. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]

Palestine: The Demographic and Economic Dimension of Migration, CARIM Analytic and Synthetic Notes 2012/04 (CARIM, 2012) [text]

Syrian Refugee Camps and Conflict in Turkey (DIIS Comment, Nov. 2012) [text]

Syrian Refugees: Reliance on Camps Creates Few Good Options (Refugees International, Dec. 2012) [text]
- See photo above.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: The Humanitarian Approach under Political Divisions, MPC Research Report 2012/13 (Migration Policy Centre, 2012) [text]

Syrian Refugees Living in the Community in Jordan: Assessment Report (IFRC, Sept. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]


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