12 December 2012

New Issue of RSQ

The latest issue (vol. 31, no. 4, Dec. 2012) of the Refugee Survey Quarterly (RSQ) has been published.  The theme is "Refugees in the European Union after the Treaty of Lisbon and the Stockholm Programme."  Many of the topics highlighted in the articles were discussed at an earlier conference organized by the guest editors on "The Governance of Asylum and Migration in the European Union.".

Contents include:

  • The European Union Asylum Policy after the Treaty of Lisbon and the Stockholm Programme: Towards Supranational Governance in a Common Area of Protection? [abstract]
  • How Effective are National and EU Policies in the Area of Forced Migration? [abstract] [working paper]
  • Resisting Distalization? Malta and Cyprus' Influence on EU Migration and Asylum Policies [abstract]
  • The "Other" Greek Crisis: Asylum and EU Solidarity [abstract] [working paper]
  • Readmission Agreements of EU Member States: A Case for EU Subsidiarity or Dualism? [abstract] [preprint]
  • The European Returns Policy and the Re-shaping of the National: Reflections on the Role of Domestic Courts [abstract]
  • It is about More than Just Training: The Effect of Frontex Border Guard Training [abstract]

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