10 January 2013

Thematic Focus: National Legislation

The Refugee Rights Unit at the University of Cape Town has published the following working papers as part of its "Analysis of Domestic Refugee Legislation in the SADC" research project:
  • Working Paper on Namibia's Refugee Legislation, Paper no. 1 [text]
  • The Institution of Asylum in Malawi and International Refugee Law: A Review of the 1989 Refugee Act, Paper, no. 2 [text]
  • Working Paper on Zambia's Refugee Legislation, Paper no. 3 [text

UNHCR is another useful resource for this type of analysis. You can find many of its comments on national laws and policies in Refworld under the following sections:

  • Category: Policy documents--UN High Commissioner for Refugees--Comments on national legislation [access]
  • Category: Policy documents--UN High Commissioner for Refugees--Commentaries (these are mainly related to EU developments) [access]
  • Category: Legal information--UN High Commissioner for Refugees--Comments on national legislation [access]

Actually, since these documents are not consistently indexed, it may be best to look to see what is available for a specific country.  For example, to see if UNHCR commented on Canada's recent legislative developments, select the country from under the appropriate regions list, then select "UN High Commissioner for Refugees" from the publisher tab.  The subsequent listing includes "UNHCR Submission on Bill C-31: Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act."

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