10 April 2013

Country of Origin Information

Upcoming opportunity:

Country of Origin Information Training [info]
- Blended learning course that includes an e-training phase (15 April-10 May 2013) and a face-to-face meeting in Dublin on 14 May 2013.  Register by 12 April 2013.


Anthropologists as Providers of Country of Origin Information (COI) in the British Asylum Courts, Paper presented at "Anthropology in and of the Law," London, 8-10 June 2012 [info]
- Scroll down to locate text.

"EASO Country of Origin Information Network Approach," European Asylum Support Office Newsletter (March 2013) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 2.

"Country of Origin Information: Old Problems, Modern Solutions," Forced Migration Review, no. 38 (Oct. 2011) [open access text]

"Do the Facts Speak for Themselves? Country of Origin Information in French and British Refugee Status Determination Procedures," International Journal of Refugee Law (Forthcoming, 2013) [info]
- See also earlier version presented at refugee determination workshop.

Expert Workshop on Country of Origin Information (COI) in the Context of Refugee Status Determination Process, Bucharest, 10-11 September 2012 [summary]

Organizations that provide COI reports/research support:

Asylos: Research for Asylum [access]

Asylum Research Consultancy [access]
- See, e.g., Still Human Still Here-commissioned commentaries on UKBA reports.

Country of Origin Research and Information (CORI) [access]
- See, e.g., reports commissioned by UNHCR.

"Country of Origin Research Support Project," Refugee Solidarity Network [access]

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