12 April 2013

Finding Resources

A quick head's up to let you know that I have just added a tab to the top of my blog labeled "Where Can I Find... ."  It's essentially a directory to the various resources I have developed over the years that facilitate access to forced migration information and research.  So a central starting point of sorts... .

The other three tabs on my blog lead to research guides on refugees, IDPs and stateless people - all of which have recently been updated.

Tagged Web Sites/Tools.


Jonathan Harr said...

This is simply to express my gratitude for this site and the daily updates I receive via e-mail. I'm a writer, in the throes of writing a book about UNHCR and refugees, RSD and resettlement. I've benefited greatly from your vigilance in the academic arena. My sole annoyance --and hardly your fault--is the restriction that some journals place on open access without paying substantial sums.

EEM said...

Jonathan, thanks for your comment! I just circulated a blog post with suggestions for how to retrieve the texts of journal articles; hope they prove helpful!