09 April 2013

UNHCR Statistical Yearbook

The 2011 volume of the UNHCR Statistical Yearbook has been published.  Contents are described as follows in the introduction:
Chapter I describes data sources and methodology.  ...Chapter II presents a global overview of the size, main origins and destinations of the populations of concern to UNHCR in 2011. Chapter III focuses on the main population movements during 2011, with particular emphasis on durable solutions and new refugee outflows. Chapter IV provides an overview of asylum applications and components of the refugee status determination process. Demographic characteristics, such as sex and age, are discussed in Chapter V, which also provides information on the types of locations of populations. Chapter VI introduces the concept of Information Management in UNHCR, a prerequisite for improved reporting in the humanitarian context.

The Annexes include 28 tables.  The publication is provided in separate chapter PDFs and as one complete zip file.

This is the 11th edition of the yearbook.  All previous editions are available here.

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