24 July 2014

Thematic Focus: Central American Unaccompanied Minors

The Border Children: They are not Criminals and They Need Counsel (ImmigrationProf Blog, July 2014) [text]

Border Crisis Lesson: Reform Deportation Policies Toward Gang Bangers (Huffington Post, July 2014) [text]

Interactive Map: Undocumented, Unaccompanied and Underage (Wilson Quarterly, July 2014) [access]

Law Professors Call for Fair Treatment for Unaccompanied Central American Children (ImmigrationProf Blog, July 2014) [text]

'Life Ended There': Rare Interviews with the Children of America’s Border Disaster (Politico Magazine, July 2014) [text]

Organized Criminal Groups, U.S. Protection, and the Principle of Non-Discrimination (RI Blog, July 2014) [text]

Possible U.S. Policy Change on Unaccompanied Minors and the International Legal Obligation of Non-refoulement (IntLawGrrls, July 2014) [text]

An Urgent Need: Unaccompanied Children and Access to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings (American Bar Association, July 2014) [text]

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