28 July 2014

Thematic Focus: Statelessness

Canada Citizenship-stripping Law (Probably) Violates International Law (Opinio Juris, July 2014) [text]

Every Downside Has Its Upside: Run-up to a Statelessness Determination Procedure in the Netherlands? (ENS Blog, July 2014) [text]
- Follow link to access relevant legal texts.  See also related UNHCR press release.

Gender Discriminatory Nationality Laws Addressed and Risk of Statelessness Reduced by Suriname (Equal Rights Trust, July 2014) [text]

"The Intersection of Statelessness and Refugee Protection in US Asylum Policy," Journal on Migration and Human Security, vol. 2, no. 3 (2014) [open access]

Kuwait: Halt the Deplorable Revocation of Nationality of Naturalized Citizens (Amnesty International, July 2014) [text]

Protection and Identification of Stateless Persons through EU Law, Research Paper, no. 2014-38 (Amsterdam Law School, July 2014) [text via SSRN]

Stateless in Serbia: How to Survive without Existing (UNHCR, July 2014) [text]

A Stateless Person, a Refugee and an Irregular Migrant Walk into a Bar… (ENS Blog, July 2014) [text]

Statelessness = Invisibility in West Africa (IRIN, July 2014) [text]

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- News: New Handbook on Protection of Stateless Persons (5 July 2014)

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