18 August 2014

Thematic Focus: Nationality & Statelessness


27 Countries Limit a Woman’s Ability to Pass Citizenship to her Child or Spouse (Pew Research Center, Aug. 2014) [text]

Ambiguities in the Categories of Migration, Policy Report, no. 02/06 (UNU-GCM, 2014) [text]

*"Beyond the Ethics of Admission: Stateless People, Refugee Camps and Moral Obligations," Philosophy & Social Criticism, vol. 40, no. 7 (Sept. 2014) [abstract]
- The author gave a lecture on this subject in Toronto, 13 Jan. 2013; follow the link for the video and a pre-circulated paper.

Human Rights and Support for Stateless People around the World: Japan’s Role - International Academic Conference Report, Senri Ethnological Reports, no. 118 (National Museum of Ethnology, 2014) [text]

Is the Discussion of "Statelessness" in the UN Security Council a Question of Human Security or of International Security?, Policy Report, no. 02/02 (UNU-GCM, 2014) [text]

Problematizing the Conventions on Statelessness, Policy Report, no. 02/01 (UNU-GCM, 2014) [access]

Reflections on Quasi-loss of Nationality in Comparative, International and European Perspective, Liberty & Security in Europe Paper, no. 66 (CEPS, Aug. 2014) [text]

Register Me! The UNHCR ExCom Conclusion on Civil Registration (Child Rights Connect, 2014) [access via Plan International]

Web site:

Statelessness.tv [access]
- Launched during the conference, "Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration," Barcelona, 24-25 July 2014.  Scroll to p. 29 in the conference program for more information.


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