24 July 2015

Thematic Focus: Detention


Alternatives to Detention, 63rd Meeting of the Standing Committee, UN Doc. No. EC/66/SC/CRP.12 (EXCOM, June 2015) [text]
- See also related introductory remarks.

Children in Immigration Detention: Challenges of Measurement and Definition (Global Detention Project, June 2015) [text]

A Humane Approach Can Work: The Effectiveness of Alternatives to Detention for Asylum Seekers (American Immigration Council & Center for Migration Studies, July 2015) [text via ImmigrationProf Blog]

The Legality of Detention of Asylum Seekers under the Dublin III Regulation, Legal Briefing, no. 1 (AIDA, June 2015) [text]

Obama Administration Relaxes Family Detention Policy (ImmigrationProf Blog, June 2015) [text]
- See also related HRW comment.

"Quality of Life among Immigrants in Swedish Immigration Detention Centres: A Cross-sectional Questionnaire Study," Global Health Action, 8: 28321 (July 2015) [open access]

Web site: 

Behind the Wire: Stories From Mandatory Detention [access]
- "[A]n oral history project documenting the stories of men, women and children who have experienced Australian mandatory detention over the past 22 years. It seeks to bring a new perspective to the public understandings of mandatory detention by sharing the reality of the people who have lived it."

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