02 June 2017

Regional Focus: Australia

"Asio Chief Says Radical Sunni Islam Creates Terrorists, not Being a Refugee," The Guardian, 30 May 2017 [text]

Australia's Humanitarian Programme 2017-18: Discussion Paper (Department of Immigration and Border Protection, April 2017) [text via APO]

An Australian ‘Model’ for the EU’s Migration Crisis? (European Policy Centre, June 2017) [text]

Australian Refugee Policy: Twists in the Tale (The Interpreter Blog, May 2017) [text]

"Contextualizing the Reasonableness Test of Internal Relocation in International Refugee Law: Empirical Analysis of Decisions of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia concerning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka," Gonzaga Journal of International Law, vol. 20, no. 2 (2017) [full-text]

The Expansion of Ministerial Discretion in Refugee Law (Castan Centre Blog, May 2017) [text]

'Fake refugees': Dutton Adopts an Alternative Fact to Justify Our Latest Human Rights Violation (The Conversation, May 2017) [text]

Finding Refuge: When Secure Borders are not the Answer (Public Seminar, May 2017) [text]

How We Can Help Refugee Kids to Thrive in Australia (The Conversation, May 2017) [text]

Papua New Guinea Arrangement (Asylum Insight, updated May 2017) [text]

Peter Dutton is Fudging Numbers about Refugees on Manus (Huffington Post, May 2017) [text]

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