21 June 2017

World Refugee Day: More Resources

Here are a few extra resources to add to yesterday's World Refugee Day post. All of these are from journal & book publishers, and therefore may only be available on a limited basis:

Berghahn Books:
- Free access to five journal articles until 27 June 2017 and a discount on a number of books for the next 30 days.

BioMed Central:
- Blog post highlights a number of recent refugee-related studies that were published in their open access journals.

Oxford University Press:
- Free access to a variety of refugee law resources that are organized under four questions: 1) Who is a refugee? 2) What rights do refugees have? 3) What are the obligations imposed on states which refugees pass through en route to their destination of choice (transit states)? 4) What are the obligations imposed on states in which refugees apply for asylum?

Palgrave Macmillan/Springer:
- Free access until 20 July 2017 to two original articles written specifically for WRD as well as eight other journal articles. Refugee-related books are also highlighted.

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