29 June 2017

Regional Focus: United States

Travel ban news:

On 26 June 2017, the Supreme Court "agreed to evaluate the [travel ban case] next term, and, in the meantime," said that "certain people should be allowed to come to the United States, as long as they have what the court called 'a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States'.” These Q&As from the New York Times and Refugees International provide more information. In addition, see below for thoughts and commentary on the latest judicial development (organized chronologically, then alphabetically by title):
  • Did the Supreme Court Tip Its Hand on How It Will Rule on the Travel Ban? (Just Security Blog, 26 June 2017) [text]
  • "Donald Trump’s Travel Ban is about to Go into Effect," Vox, 26 June 2017 [text]
  • It’s All about That Stay (and its Surprising Limits) (Just Security Blog, 26 June 2017 [text]
  • On the Travel Ban the Supreme Court Says: Stay Tuned (Take Care Blog, 26 June 2017) [text]
  • The Supreme Court Just Blocked Vetted Refugees from Starting a New Life in the United States (UN Dispatch, 26 June 2017) [text]
  • The Supreme Court’s Cert Grant in the Travel Ban Cases: A Guide for the Perplexed (Lawfare Blog, 26 June 2017) [text]
  • The Travel Ban in the Supreme Court: Crafting a Workable Remedy (Lawfare Blog, 26 June 2017) [text]
  • Return of the Travel Ban (The Asylumist Blog, 27 June 2017) [text]
  • Supreme Court May Have Bolstered Rights of Foreign Nationals with Ties to the United States (Insightful Immigration Blog, 27 June 2017) [text]
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Supreme Court’s Entry Ban Case (Just Security Blog, 27 June 2017) [text]
  • What Does the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Trump Executive Order Mean for Refugees? (Forced Migration Forum, 27 June 2017) [text]
  • "Right and Left React to the Travel Ban and Other Supreme Court Decisions," New York Times, 28 June 2017 [text]
  • The Supreme Court’s Opinion on the Revised Trump Executive Order: What Does It Mean For Refugees? (Migration Policy Institute, 28 June 2017) [text]
  • "Trump Has Already Harmed Refugees Regardless of Supreme Court Ruling," Vice News, 28 June 2017 [text]
  • *The Administration's Travel Ban Guidance (Take Care Blog, 29 June 2017) [text]
  • *Family Matters: Implementing IRAP v. Trump's “Bona Fide Relationship” (Lawfare Blog, 29 June 2017) [text]
  • *"Hawaii Asks Federal Court For Clarification As Travel Ban Goes Into Effect," NPR, 29 June 2017 [text]
  • *Seriously? The Court Intended to Exclude Grandmas from the Preliminary Injunctions? (Take Care Blog, 29 June 2017) [text]
  • Trump Definition of “Family” is in Contempt of Supreme Court Travel Ban Ruling (Just Security Blog, 29 June 2017) [text]
*Note: This AP article and Refugees Deeply post both provide useful summaries of the State Department's guidance to consular officers for implementing the new rules, particularly the definitions of "bona fide" relationship and "close family member." A list of the main resources for understanding "Travel Ban 2.0" are provided by the ImmigrationProf blog.


The BIA on Firm Resettlement (The Asylumist Blog, June 2017) [text]

"Despite Political Resistance, Use of Temporary Worker Visas Rises as U.S. Labor Market Tightens," Migration Information Source, 20 June 2017 [text]

A Particularly Serious Exception to the Categorical Approach (SSRN, June 2017) [text]

*"Refugee Admissions Nearly Halved as Supreme Court Mulls Trump Travel Ban," The Guardian, 24 June 2017 [text]

Snake and Stranger: Media Coverage of Muslims and Refugee Policy (Shorenstein Center, June 2017) [text]

Special Feature: Symposium on October Term 2016’s Immigration Decisions (SCOTUSblog, June 2017) [access]

"Torture Victim Seeking Asylum in U.S. Will Not Be Deported," New York Times, 29 June 2017 [text]

U.S. Image Suffers as Publics Around World Question Trump’s Leadership (Pew Research, June 2017) [text]

Why Are Some Immigrant Groups More Successful than Others?, NBER Working Paper No. 23548 (National Bureau of Economic Research, June 2017) [abstract]


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