16 June 2017

Regional Focus: Europe


Panel discussion: Thinking Beyond the Crisis: Future Governance of Migration in Europe, Brussels, 20 June 2017 [info]


The Aftermath of an Exodus: Afghans Stuck in Serbia Still Trying to ‘Hit the Game’ (Afghanistan Analysts Network, June 2017) [text]

Analysis: Flow Monitoring Surveys (IOM, June 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Asylum Lottery: Recognition Rates Vary Strongly within Germany (EU Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy, June 2017) [text]

Blaming the Rescuers (Goldsmiths, Univ. of London, June 2017) [access]

Desperate Journeys: Refugees and Migrants Entering and Crossing Europe via the Mediterranean and Western Balkans Routes, Jan.-April 2017 (UNHCR, April 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Efforts to Rescue Migrants Caused Deadly, Unexpected Consequences," New York Times, 14 June 2017 [text]

"EU Asylum Reform Deadlocked," Politico, 6 June 2017 [text]

Fourth Progress Report on the Partnership Framework with Third Countries under the European Agenda on Migration (European Commission, June 2017) [text]

"Greek Government Accused of Deporting Turkish Asylum Seekers," New York Times, 8 June 2017 [text]

How the Spectre of Yugoslavia Looms over EU’s Handling of the Refugee Crisis (The Conversation, June 2017) [text]

Human Act or Devil’s Pact? Human Rights Aspects of Migration Agreements between EU and Third Countries (Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, May 2017) [text]

Italy’s Migrant Reception System is Breaking (IRIN, June 2017) [text]

"Pressure Builds in Italy after G7 Leaders Fail to Tackle Refugee Crisis," The Guardian, 7 June 2017 [text]

"Security in a Liberal Union: EU Asylum and Migration Control Policies," Chapter in The European Union: Facing the Challenge of Multiple Security Threats (Edward Elgar, Forthcoming 2018) [preprint]

What Does the Democratic Unionist Party Think about Immigration? (Free Movement Blog, June 2017) [text]

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