25 February 2018

News: New Amnesty International Annual Report

Amnesty International has published the latest edition of its flagship annual human rights report. From the preface:

"The Amnesty International Report 2017/18 shines a light on the state of the world’s human rights during 2017. The foreword, five regional overviews and a survey of 159 countries and territories from all regions document the struggle of many people to claim their rights, and the failures of governments to respect, protect and fulfil human rights. Yet there are also glimpses of hard-won progress, demonstrating that the defence of human rights does yield positive developments. This report pays tribute to the human rights defenders who continue to fight for change, sometimes risking their own lives in the process. In a year when austerity measures and natural disasters pushed many into deeper poverty and insecurity, this year’s report also shines a spotlight on economic, social and cultural rights."

Multiple language editions are available via AI's report page. Previous editions are available via the publications library.

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