19 March 2018

New Issue of JRS

The latest issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) has been published. Contents of vol. 31, no. 1, March 2018 include:

  • Beyond Labelling: Rethinking the Role and Value of the Refugee ‘Label’ through Semiotics [abstract]
  • Coming Out under the Gun: Exploring the Psychological Dimensions of Seeking Refugee Status for LGBT Claimants in Canada [free full-text]
  • The Right to Belong (If You Can Afford It): Market-based Restrictions on Social Citizenship in Refugee Resettlement [abstract]
  • A Moral Marriage: Humanitarian Values and the Bhutanese Refugees [abstract]
  • Know thy Neighbour: Residential Integration and Social Bridging among Refugee Settlers in Greater Brisbane [abstract]
  • Health Service Access and Utilization among Syrian Refugees and Affected Host Communities in Lebanon [abstract]

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