15 March 2018

Open Access Round-up: 15 March 2018

Below is a listing of Open Access literature that I have referenced on this blog since 15 February 2018. If you are not familiar with Open Access, please visit my other blog for an introduction.

Green Open Access [info]

"The European Union and Migration: An Interplay of National, Regional and International Law," American Journal of International Law Unbound, vol. 111 (Forthcoming, 2018)
- Preprint version of article.

"UNHCR and the Pursuit of International Protection: Accountability through Technology?," Third World Quarterly, Latest Articles, 19 Feb. 2018
- Preprint version of article.

"'When I Am a President of Guinea': Resettled Refugees Traversing Education in Search of a Future," European Education, vol. 49, no. 4 (2017)
- Postprint version of article.

Gold Open Access [info]


"The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility," Groningen Journal of International Law, vol. 5, no. 2 (2017)

"Violence and Migration: Evidence from Mexico’s Drug War," IZA Journal of Development and Migration, 7:18 (Nov. 2017)


Forced Migration Review, no. 57 (Feb. 2018)
- Theme is "Syrians in Displacement," with 33 articles.

Reproductive Health Matters, vol. 25, no. 51 (2017)
- Special issue on "Humanitarian Crises: Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights," with 15 articles.

Hybrid Open Access [info]

"Borders, Fences, and Limits—Protecting Austria from Refugees: Metadiscursive Negotiation of Meaning in the Current Refugee Crisis," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 16, nos. 1-2 (2018)

"Everyday Justice for the Internally Displaced in a Context of Fragility: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)," Journal of Refugee Studies, 16 Oct. 2017

"Finding Keys: A Systematic Review of Barriers and Facilitators for Refugee Children’s Disclosure of Their Life Stories," Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, OnlineFirst, 20 Feb. 2018

"Vegetation Monitoring in Refugee-hosting Areas in South Sudan," Applied Geography, vol. 93 (April 2018)

"'We Are a Small Country That Has Done Enormously Lot': The ‘Refugee Crisis’ and the Hybrid Discourse of Politicizing Immigration in Sweden," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 16, nos. 1-2 (2018)

"Work-related Stress in a Humanitarian Context: A Qualitative Investigation," Disasters, Early View, 13 March 2018

Law Reviews

"Chevron's Liberty Exception," Iowa Law Review (Forthcoming, 2018)

"The Constitutional Right to Asylum: The Wave of the Future in International Refugee Law?," Fordham International Law Journal, vol. 41, no. 2 (2018)

"Don’t Ask Me about My Business: The Mafia’s Exploitation of the European Migration Crisis," Boston College International and Comparative Law Review, vol. 40, no. 2 (2017)

"Means or Ends? A Comparative Note and Reflection on 'Imputed Political Opinion' Asylum in the United States and Europe," University of Pittsburgh Law Review, vol. 79, no. 1 (2017)

"On Holy Ground: Church Sanctuary in the Trump Era," Southwestern Law Review, vol. 47, no. 1 (2017)

"Operation Sojourner: The Government Infiltration of the Sanctuary Movement in the 1980s and Its Legacy on the Modern Central American Refugee Crisis," University of St. Thomas Law Journal, vol. 13, no. 3 (2017)

"The Risk of Statelessness: Reasserting a Rule for the Protection of the Right to Nationality," Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal, vol. 19, no. 1 (2017)

"The Utility of Citizenship Stripping Laws in the UK, Canada and Australia," Melbourne University Law Review, vol. 41, no. 2 (Advance copy, 2017)

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