12 March 2018

Regional Focus: MENA

2018 Humanitarian Needs Overview: Libya (OCHA, Dec. 2017) [text]

"Access to Healthcare for Children in Palestine," BMJ Paediatrics Open, vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 2017) [open access]

"Balancing the Rights of Displaced, Returning and Remaining Populations: Learning from Iraq," Forced Migration Review, no. 57 (Feb. 2018) [open access]

Country of Origin Information on the Situation in the Gaza Strip, Including on Restrictions on Exit and Return (UNHCR, Feb. 2018) [text]

For Refugees Detained in Libya, Waiting is Not an Option (Refugees Deeply, March 2018) [text]

Inside Israel’s Campaign to Deport Tens of Thousands of African Migrants (Vox, March 2018) [text]

Internal Flight Alternative in Baghdad, UNHCR Letter to Legal Counsel in the Netherlands, 5 Feb. 2018 [text]

"Libya: Migrants and Refugees out by Plane and in by Boat," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 2 March 2018 [text]

"A Light unto Some Nations," Foreign Policy, 6 March 2018 [text]
- "How Israel’s policy toward African asylum-seekers transformed it from a land of refuge into a land of deportation."

Refugee-led Humanitarianism in Lebanon’s Shatila Camp (Refugee Hosts Blog, March 2018) [text]

"Refugees Stuck in Libyan Prisons as U.N. Evacuation Plan Stalls," Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 7 March 2018 [text]

Strategic Ambiguity and Its Prices: A Human and Legal Drama - Are These People Refugees or Economic Migrants? (SSRN, March 2018) [text]
- Discusses the plight of African asylum-seekers in Israel.

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