02 March 2018

Thematic Focus: Education

*Dead End Schools? Refugees at Segregated Schools in Germany (Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration, March 2018) [access]
- See also related DW article.

"Higher Education’s Role in National Refugee Integration: Four Cases," World Education News + Reviews, 6 Feb. 2018 [text]

"In Sweden, Noor Went Straight to School; in Britain, Ammar Waited Six Months," The Guardian, 13 Feb. 2018 [text]

The Impact of Immigration Enforcement Policies on Teaching and Learning in America’s Public Schools, Washington, DC, 28 Feb. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for webcast.

Influx of Haitian Refugees in Florida Didn’t Hurt Student Outcomes (Brookings, March 2018) [text]

Mainstreaming 2.0: How Europe’s Education Systems Can Boost Migrant Inclusion (Migration Policy Institute, Feb. 2018) [text
- See also related webinar.

“Refugee Education: Looking Back, Thinking Forward,” NORRAG News, Special Issue, no. 1 (Jan. 2018) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 125.

“The Right to Education for Urban Refugees and the National Security Conundrum: A Closer Look at the Kenyan Context,” NORRAG News, Special Issue, no. 1 (Jan. 2018) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 128.

Solving the Education Crisis of Displaced Children (UNHCR, Jan. 2018) [text]

Supporting Refugee Students in Canada: Building on What We Have Learned in the Past 20 Years (ESPMI Network, Feb. 2018) [access]
- Follow link for report and policy brief.

"'When I Am a President of Guinea': Resettled Refugees Traversing Education in Search of a Future," European Education, vol. 49, no. 4 (2017) [postprint]


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