16 April 2019

Regional Focus: Asia - Pt. 2 (Query Response)

The request for information below was submitted to my blog in the form of a comment. No email address was provided so it was not possible for me to inquire about what specifically was of interest. As such, this is my rather generic reply, but I hope it is still helpful!

"I am focusing my research on boat refugee issue of South East Asia. I already collected some relevant articles. But, looking for more research articles/publications to get further information. Therefore, my request is, would you please refer Articles/Books that are related to refugee law and policy on Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or any other South East Asian States; specially on - Rohingya refugee and maritime interdiction (push back to sea) by South East Asian states."

First, depending on whether or not you need an introduction to refugee law and policy in Asia, you might want to consult the Refugee Law Reader's section on the "Asian Framework for Refugee Protection." Navigate through it via the menu on the left. While you will not have access to everything without a login, there are some useful references to key readings by region and by individual country.

Another useful legal overview, "Refugee Protection in the Asia Pacific Region," is provided on the Rights in Exile Programme site. It also includes the email address for the relevant resource person, Dr. Savitri Taylor, should you have specific questions.

Second, I would recommend that you browse through my Asia-related posts, as these highlight current publications (reports, journal articles, blog posts, news stories) as I come across them, and most of them also include references to items that specifically focus on the Rohingya crisis. To get started, simply go to the most recent posting I prepared on "Asia" (which will be today's!), then click on the "related post" link at the bottom of that posting to be directed to the previous Asia posting, and so on. You will be able to continue following the "related post" links for a while, so that will keep you busy!

If there are specific countries you are particularly interested in (e.g., Thailand), select the relevant keyword (or "subject label") from the listing on the right side of my blog, and then browse through the posts that are displayed.

Third, some useful resources/organizations/people to either consult or contact for more information include:
- ReliefWeb (visit the special topic page on Mixed Maritime Movements in South-east Asia, or select a specific country to browse, e.g., BangladeshMyanmar, etc.) [web]
- Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) [web] [Facebook]
- Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) [web]
- Online Burma/Myanmar Library (a rich archive of online materials) [web]

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