15 April 2019

Regional Focus: United States - Pt. 1


Is U.S.-Mexico Cooperation on Migration Possible?, Washington, DC, 16 April 2019 [info]

News & blog posts:

"9 Questions about the Border Crisis You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask," Vox, 11 April 2019 [text]

"Asylum was Pretty Much Dead Before Trump. Now He’s Trying to Finish the Job," Mother Jones, 12 April 2019 [text]

"Border Crackdowns Feed a Self-Reinforcing Cycle of Fear and Backlash," New York Times, 2 April 2019 [text]

"The Border Shutdown was a Reality Show Threat, but the Border Slowdown is Real," Vox, 4 April 2019 [text]

"Denials of U.S. Immigrant Visas Skyrocket after Little-heralded Rule Change," Reuters, 15 April 2019 [text]

For Asylum Seekers, Filing on Time is (Almost) Half the Battle (The Asylumist Blog, April 2019) [text]

Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Programs (Congressional Research Service, updated March 2019) [text]

Is USCIS Improving or Undermining the Immigration System? (Insightful Immigration Blog, April 2019) [text]

"The Post-purge Agenda: What the White House Wants Next on Immigration," Vox, 10 April 2019 [text]
- See also related reports from NPR and Politico.

Reflections on a 40-Year Career as an Immigration Lawyer and Judge (Center for Migration Studies, April 2019) [text]

"Trump Officials Say Sanctuary City Migrant Plan is under Review," Vox, 14 April 2019 [text]
- See also related Daily Beast and New Yorker articles.

"Trump’s New Attorney General Launches Fresh Changes to Immigration Courts," San Francisco Chronicle, 12 April 2019 [text]

U.S. Denial of Safe Harbor Compounds Venezuela’s Crisis (Just Security Blog, April 2019) [text]

Why Americans Appear More Likely to Support Christian Refugees (The Conversation, April 2019) [text]

"Why is Donald Trump So Obsessed with Border Asylum Seekers?," Washington Monthly, 13 April 2019 [text]


Dismantle a Wall with Words: A Conversation between Maya Wiley and Alex Aleinikoff (Tempest Tossed, April 2019) [access]
- Follow link for podcast.

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