30 April 2019

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects - Pt. 1

The Canadian Express Entry System for Selecting Economic Immigrants: Progress and Persistent Challenges (Migration Policy Institute, April 2019) [text]

The Economic Impact of Granting Refugees in Malaysia the Right to Work, Policy Paper, no. 60 (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, April 2019) [text]

Employers Wary of Hiring Refugees and Migrants to Help Fill Shortages Need Help Understanding the Law (The Conversation, April 2019) [text]
- Focuses on the UK.

Forced Migration and Human Capital: Evidence from Post-WWII Population Transfers, CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP12975 (Centre for Economic Policy Research, Oct. 2018) [abstract]
- See also earlier related paper.

Integrating Refugees into the Labour Market: How can the EU Better Support Employers?, EPC Discussion Paper (European Policy Centre, Feb. 2019) [text]

Investing in Refugee Talent: Lessons Learned in Labour Market Integration (Hire Immigrants, 2019) [text]
- Highlights "best practices from cities in Canada, Germany, Sweden and Australia."

Lessons Learned: The Longitudinal Effects of Austria’s Labor Market Integration Policies on Bosnian Refugees (SocArXiv, April 2019) [preprint]

"Making Italy: Afro-Italian Entrepreneurs and the Racial Boundaries of Citizenship," Social & Cultural Geography, 22 Feb. 2019 [Academia]

Migration and Remittances (World Bank, April 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Nordic Integration and Settlement Policies for Refugees: A Comparative Analysis of Labour Market Integration Outcomes (Nordic Council of Ministers, April 2019) [text]
- See also related news story in the Nordic Labour Journal.

Refugees and the UK Labour Market (COMPAS, April 2019) [text]

Third Meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees, Canberra, 11-12 April 2019 [info]
- Follow link for meeting documents and summary of discussion.

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