03 May 2019

Thematic Focus: Detention

A Better Way: Community-Based Programming as an Alternative to Immigrant Incarceration (National Immigrant Justice Center, April 2019) [text]

Conference on Effective Alternatives to the Detention of Migrants, Strasbourg, 4 April 2019 [info] [summary]

"From Bad to Worse for Migrants Trapped in Detention in Libya," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 3 May 2019 [text]

Global Detention Project Annual Report 2018 (April 2019) [text]

Hungary Continues to Starve Detainees in the Transit Zones (Hungarian Helsinki Committee, April 2019) [text]
- See also related OHCHR press briefing.

Immigration Detention in Bulgaria: Fewer Migrants and Refugees, More Fences (Global Detention Project, April 2019) [text]

OPCAT’s Impact on Australia’s Immigration Detention System, Onshore, Offshore and at Sea (Kaldor Centre, April 2019) [text]

Restore the Family Case Management Program for Asylum Seekers (Niskanen Center Blog, April 2019) [text]

The Trump Administration Plans to Incarcerate Some Asylum Seekers Indefinitely (Immigration Impact, April 2019) [text]
- Here is the text of the relevant decision, Matter of M-S-; see also related Pacific Standard article and Insightful Immigration blog post.

"World Ignores Mass Detentions of Migrants," YaleGlobal Online, 9 April 2019 [text]

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